Little Pig Miniatures is a general partnership run by Hazel and Jay Newhouse.

We are small, independent and family run, established in 2018 initially as a means to find a large quantity of end of line miniatures new homes.

We believe that all miniatures should be painted, and used in games – so we’ve built a filtering system on this site that will allow you to find what you want, quickly and easily, using the terms that will be familiar to those playing RPGs, Wargames and Skirmish games.


What we sell

We have a limited supply of new miniatures – but from older ranges.

Our miniatures are as new as the day they were cast, but have been removed from their original packaging and put into zip-lock bags.

This is to save on both storage costs, and postage costs, which ultimately means we can pass the cost saving onto you by selling at a lower price.

We do not sell recasts, and we do not have the means or licences to reproduce any of these. Once they’re gone…they’re gone.

Soon, we’d like to sell new ranges, and further down the line, we’d love our own range, and to publish our own rules systems.


About our miniatures

Our miniatures are cast in industry standard white metal, whilst some were originally labelled as “Lead Free” by their manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that there is no lead present in any single miniature.

Most require some preparatory work before painting, including the cleaning off of mold release agents, filing and trimming of mold lines, some assembly and proper undercoating.

For this reason, our miniatures are not intended, nor recommended for children under 16 years of age, without proper adult supervision.

We have published a few guides in our resources section that will help you get started if you’re not already famililar.

Please note, all miniatures are supplied unpainted and not assembled. Product photos showing painted miniatures are for illustration purposes only. We’ve tried to photograph our miniatures as they are – flash and all, so you’ve the best idea what they’ll be like when you receive them. 


 Meet the team

Hazel Newhouse

With a background in customer services and hospitality, Hazel is on hand to make sure that your experience of buying from us is the best it can be.

Favourite Games:

  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Pandemic
  • Village
  • Dungeons & Dragons


Jay Newhouse

Having racked up nearly 30 years in the hobby, Jay uses his knowledge of the hobby to make sure you can find what you’re looking for.

Favourite Games:

  • RuneQuest
  • Battletech
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Mutant Chronicles

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